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Binary Search Tree is a node based binary tree data structure which has the following properties The left and right subtree each must also be a binary search tree. tree is BST or not Find k th smallest element in BST Order Statistics in BST C Program for Red Black Tree Insertion Left Leaning Red Black Tree .While traversing, keep track of the count of the nodes visited. If the count becomes k, print the node. C Java. C ..In computer science, a red black tree is a kind of self balancing binary search tree. Each node If M is a red node, we simply replace it with its child C, which must be black by property Join The function Join is on two red black trees t and t and a key k and will Pollock “I thought the red door was the storage container..In computer science, a binary search tree BST , also called an ordered or sorted binary tree, Here s how a typical binary search tree insertion might be performed in a binary tree in C void insert Node* T trees are binary search trees optimized to reduce storage space overhead, widely used for in memory databases..