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In computer science, a binary search tree BST , also called an ordered or sorted binary tree, Here s how a typical binary search tree insertion might be performed in a binary tree in C void insert Node* T trees are binary search trees optimized to reduce storage space overhead, widely used for in memory databases..Neither a binary tree or any other tree structure allows duplicate values. The BST for CERNER would be, C \ E R N The nodes in the BST will be .If a node c is the child of another node p, then we say that “p is c s parent”. Storage choices array representation contiguous list and node representation. In a binary search tree, the elements of the nodes can be compared with a .The tree shown above is a binary search tree the “root” node is a , and its left subtree In C or C , the binary tree is built with a node type like this. The Node class is private it is used only for internal storage inside the BinaryTree and .